Milwaukee Action for Refugees

On Monday, June 24, concerned citizens met at the Milwaukee ICS building to protest deportations of refugees. It had started to rain, and we were not sure if anybody would show up. But within half an hour large groups of people gathered, banners and signs were unloaded from a truck, and picket lines were forming around the building, carefully not blocking the entrance. In the video you can hear one of the chants: No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here!

There was special dismay shared about the plight of children who have been separated from their parents and are held in unsanitary camps with little unhealthy food, no healthcare and not enough beds.

Police were standing by and did not intervene, even at the end, when the entrance to the ICS building did get blocked by a crowd listening to speeches. Hopefully, the outcry was heard, as our protest merged with others around the country.