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Ben Connelly    Mindfulness and Intimacy    $16.95

Ben Connelly

Mindfulness and Intimacy


The Eightfold Path


THE EIGHTFOLD PATH, edited by Jikyo Cheryl Wolfer, introduction by Byakuren Judith Ragir. With Myoan Grace Shireson, Zenki Mary Mocine, Tonen O'Connor, Shodo Spring, Misha Shungen Merrill, Teijo Munnich, Hoko Karnegis, Pat Enkyo O'Hara
from the preface:
"Women tend to rely more often on intuitive and experiential rather than linear, structured intellectual knowledge and prefer to work in relational collaborations as opposed to rigid hierarchical structures... Zen women priests are important examples of what is possible when the Buddha's principles of the equality and interdependence of all beings is realized." $14.00, tax included

Eiheiji Incense

This incense comes from the Soto School Mother Temple in Japan.  The large box has approximately 60 long sticks of incense.  Taxable in Wisconsin.


Milwaukee Zen Center: 30 Years of Reflection

Newsletter articles written over thirty years by MZC's three resident priests.