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Half-Day Sitting, informal lunch

This is a great opportunity for all, including beginning practitioners, to try out a longer sitting.
Includes informal lunch.
Fee: $20 for non-members, member discounts apply.
Please, keep silence until after lunch.
Please, register by phone or email.

7:30 am  orientation for beginner practitioners
8:00                        zazen
8:30                        kinhin
8:40                        zazen
9:10                        kinhin
9:20                        zazen
 9:50                         Break
            10:00              Moving Meditation
  10:30                Dharma talk
  10:50                fast walking
11:05                        zazen
11:35                        kinhin
11:45                        zazen
12:15 pm                service
12:30                       lunch
12:45                                  Q&A, conversation