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Contemplative Meditation Retreat

Carl Jerome and AndyCohen (

offer a practice that is especially valuable for our hectic times. Join us for a deeply peaceful and insightful day.

In Buddhism, contemplative meditation is used as a path to non-self, a path to emptiness, a path to directly experiencing enlightenment. Considering its transformative power, it is regrettable it is taught so infrequently today. Contemplation meditation is analysis and observation, during a meditative state, of a question or concept and simultaneously of Self. It is analysis of a phenomenon so that we can see its true nature clearly, and observation of Self in that same context. In this retreat, we will explore a variety of different contemplative meditations, some simple and singular, some complex and sequential, to gain a new or renewed insight into the Bodhisattva Way. We will learn how to do a contemplative meditation so it is most effective, and then we will discuss our insights. Everyone is welcome!

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Please, sign up by email or phone.

Fee: $40.00, membership discounts apply

Lunch is provided

Earlier Event: March 2
One-Day Sesshin
Later Event: March 16
Half-Day Sitting