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Workshop with CARL JEROME

Bodhidharma’s Outline of Practice

Many fantastic stories are told about Bodhidharma who came from India to China in the fifth century. He brought the teachings and meditation practice that became the foundation of Chan in China and Zen in Japan. Bodhidharma is the first Zen Ancestor in our lineage, and his example of facing the wall is our heritage.

Carl Jerome and Andy Cohen have published a commentary to Bodhidharma’s Outline of Practice, which Carl will elucidate for us. Andy is moving to Boston, but will visit later when things are settling down for him.

You will receive a copy of the text when you sign up for the course.

Fee: $40.00, membership discounts apply. Lunch will be provided.

Brush Painting of Bodhidharma

Brush Painting of Bodhidharma